Electronic Contract Manufacturing (ECM) Services
Design of electronic boards.
Assembly solutions.
Quality assurance.

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R&D x

We can conduct specialized research and feasibility assessments for electronic equipment and systems to identify optimal architectures in terms of both performance and cost.

Production x

Eogcorp primarily focuses on electronic design. While we house prototype reworking machines internally, our production phase is outsourced to external partners.

Testing x

Eogcorp routinely develops test stations and associated test methods for its in-house projects. Frequently, our clients seek the creation of both manual and automated testing setups.

Our Commitmentx

EOGCorp delivers a comprehensive range of engineering services, spanning from initial product sketches to full-scale production and logistics support. Our goal is to assist our clients in introducing their innovations to the market with utmost excellence and the desired quality.

We establish a partnership with our clients, offering our vast knowledge, experience, and unwavering support.

Our core values encompass Innovation, People, Integrity, and our Customers. We offer value-added services, positioning ourselves as a complete solution partner. With the assistance of our technology and supply chain allies, we provide a genuine turnkey product. This eliminates the need for multiple interfaces and the challenges of coordinating various suppliers – offering a unified solution from one trusted source.

Moreover, we handle industrialization, obsolescence management, manufacturing processes, electromechanical design, preproduction tasks, and more.

Why Choose Us x

Professional Staff

On Time Completion

Save Time and Money

No Hidden Cost

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Our Competencex

A cornerstone of our expertise is providing long-term support to our clients throughout their projects. We assist right from the design phase, offering technical guidance for Design for Manufacturability (DFM), progressing from prototypes to full-scale production. Additionally, we provide valuable insights and backing for issues related to obsolete components, allocated resources, and extended lead time deliveries.

Our approach is shaped by market trends and a keen focus on our customers’ needs. This customer-centric orientation has diversified our product offerings, some of which include:

  • Matching manufacturer parts to customer specifications
  • Offering Just-In-Time (JIT) deliveries
  • Managing excess inventory
  • Providing in-house functional testing as a value-added service
  • Procuring both military and commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) products
  • Facilitating long-term open orders and scheduled cost-reductions
  • Sourcing products with allocation challenges, extended lead times, or those that are obsolete
  • Expertise in obsolescence management and counterfeit component identification

Industries x







Our Commitment x

EogCorp is adept at helping clients craft specification documents based on military standards such as MIL-STD-810 and its variations. We can either guide or directly conduct qualification tests, including mechanical (shock and vibration), thermal (operation and storage), and EMI/EMC evaluations.

In collaboration with our clients during the specification phase, EogCorp can prepare comprehensive documentation for:

  • Requirements Specification
  • Functional Design Specifications
  • Detailed Design Specifications
  • Manufacturing Documentation
  • Design Qualification

Diagram x

Component Distribution x

As a leading electronic components distribution company, we specialize in providing a comprehensive range of components, including semiconductors, resistors, and capacitors, to meet the diverse needs of our clients. With a global network and deep product knowledge, we ensure a seamless supply chain, supporting industries worldwide. Trust us for efficient and reliable electronic component sourcing and distribution.